Preserve the Beauty of Your Roof

Boral Inspire Classic Slate Roof on a Watch Hill, RI guest cottage.

The last thing you want to see when you look up at your roof is a series of mechanical vent stacks for exhaust and intake for toilets, gas fireplace and other appliances. We recommend planning the roof and mechanicals based on a penthouse that collects and encloses all these unsightly items. Addressing roof venting early in the design phase will enable your builder to locate the vents in an area that isn’t highly visible.

One design solution our architecture firm has been utilizing is a mechanical penthouse. It is a small structure on the ridge of the roof where all the roof venting is located.  The advantage of the penthouse is more than just aesthetic, it also minimizes the potential for roof leakage by locating all the roof penetrations in one location.

Roof vents on a mechanical penthouse 1.jpg

  • Mechanical penthouse on a Boral Inspire Classic Slate roof.

While the mechanical penthouse comes with a higher price than traditional roof venting, it may be well worth the investment to preserve the beauty of a designer roof.

Wood roof on Watch Hill house 4.jpg

  • Cedar shingle wood roof on a Watch Hill, RI Shingle Style home.